Graduate Student Conference

Phase 1 is now complete, and we received 4 excellent proposals that address a range of topics and approaches to digital culture.  Descriptions of the proposals can be found below.  If you are interested in collaborating on one of the topics, please contact the relevant person on that proposal.

Proposal 1

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

Proposal 4

Reminder: Phase 2 Applications will be due 12/10/2013. Note that proposals which challenge traditionally disciplinary boundaries and conference formats are especially encouraged.

Original CFP:

Call for Applications: 2014 Graduate Student Conference in Digital Cultures: The Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures is offering a $3000 award to a group of UC Davis graduate students for the purpose of organizing and hosting a conference related to the overall goals of the initiative.

Eligibility: Applicants must be UC Davis graduate students in good standing in any program in the Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies (HArCS) or Social Sciences divisions of the College of Letters and Science working on a research, writing, or creative project in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. Students based in other divisions of Letters and Sciences or other UC Davis colleges who are working with faculty housed in HArCS or Social Sciences and whose research otherwise qualifies are also eligible. Eligibility is also predicated on regular participation in the Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures.

Selection Criteria: Applications will be evaluated by the advisory board of Digital Cultures Research Initiative. Preference will be given to well-defined projects that have a strong connection to one or more of the Initiative’s established research threads and show the greatest promise for engaging the campus in and across multiple disciplines, departments and research approaches. Conference proposals which challenge traditional divides across research and creative practice and the sciences and humanities are especially welcome. The initiative’s established research threads are 1) games and interactive environments, 2) surveillance and data mining and 3) intellectual property and participatory culture.

Award: Funding up to $3000 will be awarded to each of up to group of successful applicants. The funds may be used to defray travel for invited speakers, logistical expenses and other needs related to hosting and organizing the conference.

To Apply: Selection for the conference fund will be held in two phases. During Phase 1, individuals or groups can submit proposals on themes and format along with relevant contact information for consideration by the campus community. These will be posted to the Digital Cultures website for the purpose of enabling interested groups with similar ideas and/or approaches to collaborate on a final proposal to be submitted in Phase 2. Final proposals will then be selected by the Advisory Board of the initiative.

For Phase 1: Please submit up to one page as a PDF outlining your proposal. This can be as detailed or as general as you see fit, but at a minimum should include a proposed title and topic. Be sure to list your contact information so that interested people can contact you for further collaboration

For Phase 2: Please submit a short CV for everyone on the organizing committee that lists department or program, current year and status; 2) a 1-page single-spaced (approximately 250 words) description of the conference topic and title and its expected audience, 3) a preliminary program and 4) a brief budget proposal for the funds requested, not to exceed 1 page.

Due date: Phase 1 November 15th, 2013 Phase 2: December 10th, 2013.

To Apply: For both Phases applications should be sent via email to