May 21st, Drone Theory – Mark Andrejevic

Drone Theory: Automated Data Collection and Processing and the Always-On War

Mark Andrejevic

Thurs, May 21st | 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM | 1246 Social Sciences & Humanities

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This presentation is not about drones per se  — or even war per se; but rather about the deployment of ubiquitous, always-on, networked sensors for the purposes of automated data collection, processing, and response. It is also about the ways in which the logic of drone warfare: prediction and pre-emption, come to characterize a wide realm of social practices: marketing, job screening, health care, romance, and more.  The presentation considers the ways in which some contemporary strands of critical theory replicate and rehearse the logics of data-driven droning: the advent of drone theory.

Mark Andrejevic is a Professor in the Department of Media Studies, Pomona College. He is the author of Reality TV: The Work of Being Watched; iSpy: Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era; and Infoglut: How Too Much Information is Changing the Way we Think and Know, as well as articles and book chapters on surveillance, popular culture, and digital media. He is currently working on a book about drones and the automation of surveillance response.