Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures

Digital technologies have revolutionized the practice of everyday life, becoming an integral part of work, communication, politics, economics, artistic creativity, and personal identity. The study of digital culture is among the most vigorous areas of research in the humanities and social sciences today.

The Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures is designed around innovative research practices that rearticulate the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts with respect to the technosciences. The initiative will convene students and faculty through a series of workshops, conferences, lectures, and media events. We will focus on some the biggest challenges posed by digital technologies today, addressing the politics of surveillance, data mining, gaming and interactive media, intellectual property regulations, the commons, and participatory culture.


Colin Milburn, Department of English

Kriss Ravetto, Program in Cinema and Technocultural Studies

For more information, please contact:

Kris Fallon (Visiting Assistant Professor in Digital Cultures)

Ksenia Fedorova (Graduate Research Assistant in Digital Cultures)